Powder Classification System

Air classifier is one of the most vital machines used in many factories. It’s nothing but a centrifugal type classifier that separates the dry powdered products into coarse fractions. Most of the times, air classification systems are used in closed circuits along with the grinding mill. At times, they are even used in an open circuit operation, where they get the feed from hoppers, bins screens. Air classifiers use the opposed powers of centrifugal force as well as the aerodynamic drag to categorize the particles by mass. This leads to the making of fine particle and coarse particle fraction.

Our air classifiers are used in different industries. They are designed to economically meet your requirements and get you the best possible results. We have a high-end set up to manufacture topnotch air classifiers for you.

What are the major benefits of using of Air Classifiers USA or the Powder classification system?

  • One of the major advantages of buying an air classifier from one of the best air classifier manufacturers in the world is that the machine will help you gain close control over uniformity of the material.
  • Air classifier by one of the best air classifier exporters ensures solid construction of mechanism and casing. At the same time it also ensures high endurance.
  • Also, with the help of a classification system you can reduce the loss of fines in the tailings.
  • Additionally, in most of the air classification systems, there are specific liners which are developed to process abrasive materials.

VWC Classifier Series

We make cutting-edge VWC classifiers. These highly efficient dynamic air classifiers contain a vertical classification rotor. They are used by the firms who segregate material between 15 to 80 microns. These classifiers are extremely reasonable as they operate with a low. Also, they can be fitted in your existing systems without spending any heavy amount of money.

Technical Specifications for VWC classifier series

Power (kW) 11 15 22 30
Cut Size Range 15-60 15-60 20-80 20-80

MWC Classifier Series

Our MWC series classifiers contain versatile and extremely efficient classifiers. They are mostly used in the industries which require super-fine cut sizes at great throughput rates. They are dynamic separation systems that easily incorporate numerous horizontal classifier rotors. They work in sync with a second separator to release the coarse elements into a different channel by the supply of another cyclonic airstream.

There are indeed a lot of benefits of using an air classification system, however, it is also important to choose the best air classifiers USA. Here’s what makes Techno Designs one of the finest air classifiers exporters and manufacturers in the world:

  • Air classifiers made my Techno Designs are outstanding equipment.
  • They are not only highly efficiency, but are capable of performing tasks quickly as well.
  • Our Air classification systems are carefully conceptualized to help you get a precise and tremendously sharp separation even at a high volume loading.
  • We believe in delivering exactly what you need, thus we work closely with you to understand your requirements.
  • Our talented staff will work closely with you to even deliver customized systems.

Technical Specifications for the MWC classifier series

MODEL (MWC) 300x4 300x6 400x3 400x4 400x6 500x5 500x6
Power (kW) 40 60 45 60 90 110 135
Cut Size Range 5-20 5-20 8-25 8-25 8-25 8-35 8-35

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