Plough Shear Mixer Manufacturer

A plough shear mixer is specifically intended for processing powders, granulates, fragile materials, grains, viscose materials, and cement solids. Techno Designs is among eminent plough shear mixer manufacturers in the USA that design and equip these mixers as per the ISI guidelines and client’s requirements.

Basic uses of plough shear mixers-

  • Solid to solid mixing
  • Solid to liquid mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Granulation
  • Blending
  • Multiple phase reactions
  • Drying

Plough shear mixer shaped circular and each plough blade shaft with one shaft. Engineers install bevel cutter or plowshare on mixer shaft to avoid dead corner during starting of the material working. The machine is extensively applied by industries for processing dry powder, particle, paste, chemical, low viscosity material, fertilizer, pesticide, metal, cement, ceramics, adhesives, etc.

Major features of plough shear mixer-

  1. Wide application
  2. Multi-function mixture
  3. Short mixture time
  4. Excellent cutting effect
  5. Zero blocking of the materials
  6. Fly cutter to enhance mixing efficiency

Our plough shear mixers are ideal equipments and can be used for both dry and wet materials. You can even use these equipments for materials having poor flow or are viscose in nature. Techno Designs engineers intend the plough shear mixer with several configurations that can be adjusted as per the choice of material used for processing. The configuration includes size setting of the mixing elements, the number of mixing elements, their shapes, and the peripheral speed with which the blender rotates.

Techno Designs is providing complete grinding solutions in the entire USA. We are premium supplier and manufacturer of plough shear mixer in the USA. You can avail our cost-effective grinding solutions in the USA and other international locations.

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Salient Features Of Plough Blender

Highly Efficient

Low Processing Time

Low power requirement

Reliable for dry, fine and coarse powder, grain and paste

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