Dual Tunnel Diverter Valve

At Techno Designs USA facility, we provide dual tunnel type diverter valves that are intended with a purpose of routing pellets and powders in pneumatic conveying machine systems. Engineers of Techno Designs have designed the models of dual tunnel diverter valve for least degradation of the material used in the system. The valves are applied in diverting the material flow from one direction to other.

Major features of dual tunnel diverter valve –

  • Sturdy built design
  • Precise dimensions
  • Anti corrosion
  • Long service life

In some applications, dual tunnel diverter valve is installed backward in the line to transfer material from two different sources to single destination. When dual tunnel diverter valve is used in this way, it is known as dual converger valve.

These valves are used by several industries, such as-

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Plastic
  • Other related industries

Techno Designs is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of dual tunnel diverter valve in the USA. The company aims to work on the virtues of customization and innovation. Manufacturing team at the facility is headed under the qualified supervisors and managers who possess vast experience in the field of diverter valves.

Our years of experience and vast knowledge about the industry help us providing a wide variety of diverting valves. Each of the valves designed and made as per the USA client’s requirements.

We also provide accessories for dual tunnel diverter valve, such as-

  • Limit switches
  • Proximity switches
  • Terminal box
  • Packaged unit with dual solenoid
  • Pre-piped
  • Pre-wired
  • Position indicator

Salient Features:

  • Plug with two separate channels
  • Full Aluminium body with Stainless Steel pipe inserts
  • Diverting angle of 40°
  • Position indicator Packaged with dual solenoid, limit switches and proximity switches
  • Powerful pneumatic cylinder with linear actuation connected to plug via linkages
  • Sealing using silicon rubber
  • Max working temperature of 120°C and Max system pressure of 6 bar g
  • Minimum maintenance

A 65 80 102 125
B 18 18 18 22
C 8 NOS. 8 NOS. 8 NOS. 8 NOS.
D 165 165 190.5 216
E 560 560 770 800
F 247 250 295 360
G 668 670 750 910
H 480 480 601 730
I 227 238 310 374
J 38° 38° 40° 40°

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