Bead Mill Manufacture In India

Techno Designs manufactures and supplies bead mill in the USA. The extensive range offered by our engineers is being made with high grade material that ensures optimum quality of the final product. Our intended bead mills are used to break solid matters into powdered or grounded form. Since the electricity is costly in the USA, we have introduced low power consuming bead mill that delivers high performance and fine milling results.

Application Of Bead Mill

  1. Fine grinding of wet slurries
  2. Ultrafine dispersion
  3. Nano particles grinding of low to medium viscosity liquids
  4. Production of nano emulsion and dispersion
  5. Use in industries like paints, ink, pharmaceutical, agro-chemicals, cosmetics

Techno Designs is one of the finest bead mill manufacturers in the USA. At times, this equipment is also known as a batch type sand mill. You can avail them in different capacities from our facility based in the USA.

Major benefits of bead mill manufactured at Techno Designs facility-

  1. Economical
  2. Faster grinding time
  3. Easy to clean
  4. No pre-mixing
  5. Safe and handy performance
  6. Low noise level
  7. Low maintenance cost
  8. Minimal space requirement
  9. No special foundation required
  10. Durable and reliable in use
  11. Wear resistant surface
  12. No wastage of media

A bead mill is used to reduce particles to sub micron size. The unit is equipped with cylindrical vessel that has a motor-driven central shaft, which has different types of impellers. Bead mill is intended with an enclosed vessel that is filled with grinding media during operation. To see how a bead mill functions, you can visit our facility any time during office hours. Our professionals will explain the functioning on request.

Get in touch with Techno Designs experts if you are looking for bead mill manufacturers in the USA.

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